Fun Agility

Which dogs can take part in Fun Agility?

The agility course can be adapted to suit dogs of any breed and size. We aim to accommodate all! Lucy's Lionhearts doggy participants must be a minimum of 6 months old. Dog's between the ages of 6-11 months are considered at the disgression of the trainer following a veterinary health check on their joints and eye sight prior to taking part in fun agility. The course is very low impact but safety comes first! Dog's over 12 months old are welcome (veterinary checks may still apply).

Lucy's Lionhearts prides itself on being INCLUSIVE, NOT EXCLUSIVE.

But how do we accomplish that?

It's not all about speed and jumps! The course can be designed as a non-impact layout built for mental stimulation for those less able. This type of obstacle course is also a great idea for elderly dogs, those with disabilities, those in rehab or young puppies. Please be sure to make me aware of any special needs/health issues your dog has so I can accommodate their requirements to make it a comfortable and fun experience for them.

Agility takes place in an outdoor secure field at Hayters, Holt, BH21 7EB.

Group Courses

The 5 week course is suitable for dogs over the age of 6 months old (following a vet check). As this is a class environment, dogs enrolled must be comfortable in the company of other dogs and people. The classes can be fast paced & noisy! Please don't hesitate to contact Kat if you'd like to discuss class suitability for your dog. There are options for everyone!

Full payment is required to secure your place. Two weeks notice is required to cancel or change your course date. Refunds and 'roll overs' are at the instructors discretion.

Each beginners class holds up to 6 dogs (8 dogs in Intermediate/Advanced) plus handlers.

Families & young handlers welcome.

Group Class Timetable

Sunday's Only

£65 per dog

Beginners Course Start Dates 2024


10th March 2024

14th April 2024

19th May 2024

1st September 2024

6th October 2024

6th April 2025

11th May 2025

15th June 2025

5th October 2025

Intermediates Course Start Dates 2024


10th March 2024

14th April 2024

19th May 2024

23rd June 2024 (9.45am)  

1st September 2024

6th October 2024

6th April 2025

11th May 2025

15th June 2025

5th October 202

121/Private Sessions

£37 for 45 minutes (1 dog)

£47 for up to 1 hour (2 dogs)

£52 for 1 hour (3 dogs)

£62 for 1 hour (4 dogs)

£72 for 1 hour (5-7 dogs)

£82 for 1 hour (8 dogs)

Available on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.

(As of September 2024, Poochadise will no longer be operating on a Tuesday)

This is a great option for those who wish to trial an agility session before committing to a full course, have a reactive/nervous dog who needs space, have an elderly dog/puppy/dog with special needs who requires a bit more time and understanding, have multiple family dogs who you want to do a private session with or maybe you want to throw an agility doggy birthday party!

These are just some examples-the list is endless!

Payment is required at the time of booking (within 24 hours). Failure to do so may result in your booking being cancelled.

A 48 hour cancellation policy is in place for this option. If notice of less than 48 hours is given, there will be no option of a refund or 'roll over'.

121 Sessions are a great option if your dog needs a 'non impact' agility course aimed more towards enrichment than physical exercise i.e. those in rehab following surgery, puppies too young to jump, dogs who are overweight, geriatric dogs.

For Fun Agility bookings, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Disclaimer: Although every care is taken to assess the field for suitability prior to sessions being held, the ground can become slippy underfoot following heavy rain. The field is located on a farm and is open to the elements. It is important that clients wear suitable footwear and follow the trainers instructions. In certain weather, some items of contact equipment may be removed from the course if they are deemed unsafe to be used during sessions. The equipment is safety checked prior to every session.

Poochadise Agility still operates in the rain (there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!).

Sessions are only cancelled in adverse weather conditions such as thunder, lightening, field flooding, high temperatures and snow! If you have a fair weather pooch, I suggest not booking any sessions during March, April or October as the ground can also be muddy.

Lucy's Story:

So, who is Lucy and why is the Agility club named 'Lucy's Lionhearts'?

In September 2020, I took on a new challenge. A 13-month old American Staffie named Lucy. Lucy was sadly hit by a car when she was three months old in Italy where she was born. She received no vet care and was abandoned. As a result, Lucy needed a wheelchair to give her some mobility. In November 2020, we saw a specialist who explained that 3 vertebrae in the thoracic part of Lucy's spine had fused together blocking off any signal going down to her back legs causing permanent paralysis. After processing the consultants diagnosis, I vowed that I would do everything I could to ensure her life was as 'normal' as it could be. I didn't wrap Lucy in cotton wool and in all honesty, she didn't want me to! She had so much zest for life and lived each day as if it was her last-she even went paddle boarding! One of the things that Lucy loved to do was to run around the Agility field with me. The course could easily be adapted for her with a bit of tweaking.

Sadly, my beautiful Lucy passed away on the 17th September 2021 just one month after her 2nd birthday from kidney failure.

Despite my best friend no longer being by my side, her memory will be honoured.

Lucy's Lionhearts is her legacy.

I believe that every dog can have its day if they are given the chance.

This is for you, my girl. Forever in my heart.


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Beginners Group Agility Course - SUNDAYS ONLY
121/Private Sessions - Sunday
121/Private Sessions - Monday
121/Private Sessions - Tuesday (only available until September)