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Welcome to Poochadise Canine Services: Fun Training For All!

My name is Kat (BCCSDip.FDAg, BCCS.Dip.AdvCanBhv, BCCSComp.Obd) and I am the training instructor here at Poochadise Canine Services. As a qualified Dog Trainer since 2018 (a full list of my qualifications can be found at the bottom of this page), I aim to provide a fun and enthusiastic environment in which owners can learn new skills and really strengthen the bond between themselves and their dog(s) whilst taking on new challenges. Poochadise Canine Services prides itself in delivering a fun training space for everyone making us inclusive, not exclusive! 

Poochadise Canine Services happily accepts dogs under the XL Bully Law.

Poochadise Canine Services is CLOSED on Fridays.

Closed for annual holiday on:

Friday 23rd August 2024-Saturday 31st August 2024 inclusive.

Friday 20th December 2024-Sunday 5th January 2025 inclusive.

Sunday 21st September 2025-Monday 29th September 2025 inclusive.

Sunday 21st December 2025-Sunday 4th January 2026 inclusive.

Here's an overview of what we offer.

(For full details on any service, please use the menu at the top of the page).

Lucy's Lionhearts: Fun Agility for all!

We offer Fun Agility group courses, private sessions and 121 lessons outdoors in a secure field located at Hayters, Holt, Wimborne, BH21 7EB on Sundays 8am-5pm, Mondays 9am-2pm (until 4pm as of September).

Agility classes do not run during November-March due to field flooding.

Fun Flyball

We offer Fun Flyball group classes, private sessions and 121 lessons indoors on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings at Holt Village Hall, Harts Lane, BH21 7DJ.

Scent Work

We offer Scent Work group classes, private sessions and 121 lessons with options for indoors & outdoors on Saturdays, Sundays, Monday's & Wednesdays.


Hydrotherapy is not just for rehabilitation. It's great exercise for weight loss and those needing to maintain cardio levels & muscle tone. Also, not all dogs are natural swimmers and some need to learn so swimming lessons are also on offer!

Sessions are available on Thursdays between 5pm-8pm at South Coast Hydrotherapy, Three Legged Cross, BH21 6RR.

121 Dog Training

Dog Training is available by pre arranged appointment on Saturdays only. Spaces are limited.

Small Animal Drop in Visits

Home visits to feed cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, fish & guinea pigs (to name a few!) are available 7 days per week. Mileage charges may apply.

Dog Wheelchair Fitting


Kat's Qualifications

Pet Bereavement Counselling: Qualified 7th February 2017

Holistic Health: Qualified with a MERIT 20th March 2017

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: Qualified 10th April 2017

Dog Training :Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet: Qualified 11th April 2017

Canine Health & Welfare: Qualified 18th April 2017

Canine Wellness & Balanced Behaviours: Course attended 27/10/2017-30/10/2017

Member of The Guild of Dog Trainers since 2018

Dog Training Diploma: Qualified with a DISTINCTION 28th February 2018

Dog Socialization & Obedience: Qualified 2nd March 2018

Dog Behaviour-Stop Dog Barking: Qualified 2nd March 2018

Puppy Training Basics: Qualified 3rd March 2018

Dog Training: How to Stop Dog Attacks: Qualified 5th March 2018

Attended The Canine Principles 2019 Spring Conference

Animal Physical Therapy Course July 2019

Animal Psychology Course November 2019

Easy Walks with your Reactive Dog Course January 2020

Positive Training for Ethical Owners Course January 2020

Building Your Dog's Confidence-Victoria Stilwell Academy April 2020

Competition Obedience: Qualified with a DISTINCTION 30th September 2020

Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma (PETbc Accredited): Qualified with a MERIT 15th October 2020

Fun Agility Diploma: Qualified with DISTINCTION February 2022

Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy April 2023

Walkin' Wheels Certified since May 2023