Welcome to Poochadise Agility, the home of Lucy's Lionhearts: Fun Agility for all.

My name is Kat and I am the Agility training instructor here at Lucy's Lionhearts. As a qualified Dog Trainer since 2017, I aim to provide a fun and enthusiastic environment in which owners can learn a new skill and really strengthen the bond between themselves and their dog(s) whilst taking on a new challenge.

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Kat Wills




Lucy's Story:

In September 2020, I took on a new challenge. My 13 month old American Staffie named Lucy. Lucy was sadly hit by a car when she was three months old in Italy where she was born. She received no vet care and was abandoned. As a result, Lucy needed a wheelchair to give her some mobility. In November 2020, we saw a specialist who explained that 3 vertebrae in the thoracic part of Lucy's spine had fused together blocking off any signal going down to her back legs causing permanent paralysis. After processing the consultants diagnosis, I vowed that I would do everything I could to ensure her life was as 'normal' as it could be. I didn't wrap Lucy in cotton wool and in all honesty, she didn't want me to! She had so much zest for life and lived each day as if it was her last-she even went paddleboarding! One of the things that Lucy loved to do was to run around the Agility field with me. The course could easily be adapted for her with a bit of tweeking.

Sadly, my beautiful Lucy passed away on the 17th September 2021 just one month after her 2nd birthday from kidney failure. 

Despite my best friend no longer being by my side, her memory will be honoured. Lucy's Lionhearts is her legacy.

I believe that every dog can have its day if they are given the chance. This is why Lucy's Lionhearts is the first Agility Group to offer a place to ANY dog regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Over the course of 2022, specially adapted equipment will be added to the already growing catalogue of obstacles to ensure there is something for everyone.

This is for you, my girl. Forever in my heart.


Kat's Qualifications

Pet Bereavement Counselling: Qualified 7th February 2017

Holistic Health: Qualified with a MERIT 20th March 2017

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking: Qualified 10th April 2017

Dog Training :Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet: Qualified 11th April 2017

Canine Health & Welfare: Qualified 18th April 2017

Canine Wellness & Balanced Behaviours: Course attended 27/10/2017-30/10/2017

Dog Training Diploma: Qualified with a DISTINCTION 28th February 2018

Dog Socialization & Obedience: Qualified 2nd March 2018

Dog Behaviour-Stop Dog Barking: Qualified 2nd March 2018

Puppy Training Basics: Qualified 3rd March 2018

Dog Training: How to Stop Dog Attacks: Qualified 5th March 2018

Attended The Canine Principles 2019 Spring Conference

Animal Physical Therapy Course July 2019

Animal Psychology Course November 2019

Easy Walks with your Reactive Dog Course January 2020

Positive Training for Ethical Owners Course January 2020

Building Your Dog's Confidence-Victoria Stilwell Academy April 2020

Competition Obedience: Qualified with a DISTINCTION 30th September 2020

Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma (PETbc Accredited): Qualified with a MERIT 15th October 2020

Fun Agility: Qualified with DISTINCTION February 2022