Exercise is a very important part of a dog's life. Just like when we exercise, it releases endorphins that make us all just feel wonderful and It's no different for your dog! Walking keeps them healthy, stimulated and socialised. We for one here at Poochadise simply love to feel wonderful, so come rain or shine we have no problem tackling the elements with your dog experiencing all that life has to offer! If you cannot see what you are looking for on this page, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you'd like to see these walks in action, please feel free to check out the Poochadise Facebook page which is updated 5 days per week as we like our clients to be able to see what their pup has been getting up to in their absence!

Group Walks

These are a great way for your dog to let off steam, play with friends and to explore! We walk up to 6 dogs at one time off the lead unless we are asked to keep the dog leashed. Dogs will be collected and dropped off home. The timescale of the walk does not include travel time. Bitches in season are not permitted on group walks where male dogs are present and will be kept on lead when walked. Dogs will be towel dried/wiped down if needed after walking, We supply poo bags and come armed with lots of treats. Please make us aware if you would rather your dog didn't have these or if you have specific treats that you would like us to use (to be supplied by you). During hot summer months, please be aware that timescales may alter to ensure a more 'comfortable' walk for your dog. Photo's are taken and uploaded onto the Facebook page (or sent to you directly if you have not granted permission for use of photos or do not have access to social media) so you can see your dog out and about doing what dog's do best!


Some people like their dog(s) walked only by themselves or only with those from their own household. This could be due many reasons including nervousness or aggression, or maybe you just have a larger number of dogs that you'd like to stick together!

Please contact us to discuss the needs of your dogs as we can adapt a walking route to suit and meet these needs.

Dogs with Aggression & Behavourial Problems

We are aware of the stress that comes with this territory. Sometimes the answer can be as simple as looking into the energies of the dog's home environment and the people living there. Other times, the problem is deeper rooted and a Behaviourist should be consulted.

We have no problem walking dogs with behavioural & aggression problems.

Unfortunately for insurance reasons, Poochadise cannot take Pit Bull Terriers or dogs with a bite history.

Puppy Walks

Puppies are more than welcome to join the Poochadise family! They can be walked solo or in groups (providing all vaccinations have been administered). Walking them in groups gives them a good start with their social skills. Puppies will only be mixed into groups that we deem suitable for them. Puppies under 6 months old are not permitted into hour long Group walks.

Senior Strolls

Poochadise offers ad-hoc Senior walks for dogs aged 8+ years. These walks are a slower pace so your dog can enjoy the great outdoors. These walks are offered at timescales of 20 minutes-30 minutes. This is also a great option for dogs with weight, hearing and/or sight problems.

We like all our human clients to know that their canines are being transported in a safe and comfortable way. The 'walkies' vehicles boosts 1 large cage with removable divider and 2 medium cages. There's plenty of room so you don't have to worry about your dog being made to travel in with others. The car has lots of windows so your poochies stay cool on those hot summer days! As a 'cool down' extra, there are also pressure activated cooling gel mats that go into the cages on muggy/warm days. We come well equipped with everything that a dog enthusiast may need for when playtime is over including drinking water, water bowls, treats, pet wipes, towels and a portable dog washer (for those who like to go swimming or mud rolling). First Aid Kits are also in the car just in case!

Prices below are for Group Walks Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.30pm.

Double rate is charged on Weekends, Bank Holidays and times outside office hours.

Multiple dog prices are for dogs from the same household.


1 DOG £7.00

2 DOGS £10.00

3 DOGS £18.00

4 DOGS £24.00


1 DOG £9.00

2 DOGS £13.50

3 DOGS £24.00

4 DOGS £32.00


1 DOG £11.00

2 DOGS £16.00

3 DOGS £30.00

4 DOGS £40.00