Drop In Visits

Pop in visits are the perfect solution for new puppies who can't venture out into the world yet, an Elderly dog who can't walk far but enjoys spending time in the garden or if your dog will be left at home for a longer period then it's used to. We also offer these visits for the feeding of cats, other small pets and general house checks whilst you go on holiday.

These Visits can range from up to 60 minutes and can include many things;

-Feeding time & checking water bowl

-Cuddles and company

-Watering plants

-Cleaning up of any animal toilet accidents within your home

-Drawing curtains to give your home that 'someone's in' look whilst you're not there

-Puppy/elderly dog playtime

-Administering medication

Other tasks may be undertaken prior to agreement. Please discuss with us at the time of booking.

Prices below are for Drop in's Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.30pm (per 2 dogs). No walks are available with this option. Weekends & Bank Holidays are charged at double rate. These prices are also applicable for small pet visits e.g. cats & rabbits.