Training Classes & Workshops

Training Classes & Workshops

All classes are available on a 121 basis for dogs with reactivity issues so no one misses out-please contact for pricing.

Workshops run once per month.

CLASS: Puppy Power

LEVEL: Puppies 12-20 weeks old

VENUE: Slades Park Pavilion BH10 4EP (Indoors)

DAY: Monday's

TIME: 5.45pm-6.45pm


PRICE: £40 for the course.

Congratulations on your new puppy! This introductory course teaches the basics all puppies should learn when they first come home including housebreaking (toilet training), routine, noise desensitisation and socialisation.

CLASS: Basic Obedience

LEVEL: Intoductory-Novice


Hayter's Field, Holt BH21 7EB (Outdoors-Fully Secured Field) on Wednesday's at 1pm-2pm.

Holt Village Hall BH21 7DJ (Indoors) on Thursday's at 6.15pm-7.15pm.

Hayter's Field, Holt BH21 7EB (Outdoors-Fully Secured Field) on Sunday's at 10.30am-11.30am.


PRICE: £45 for the course.

Our Basic Obedience sessions are available for puppies/dogs from 4 months old. This course covers heelwork, recall, take it/leave it, sit & wait, impulse control, emergency stop's, enrichment games, teaching dogs to go to their 'place', tackling resource guarding and dog body language.

CLASS: Fun Competition Obedience

LEVEL: Introductory-Novice

VENUE: Holt Village Hall

DAY: Thursday's

TIME: 7.25pm-8.25pm


PRICE: £55 for the course.

Do you want to take your obedience training to the next level? This is a fun class for owners who want a new challenge with their dog.

What is Competition Obedience?

Competition Obedience is described as obedient and well trained dogs having their abilities tested. Obedience can be likened to dressage, or maybe gymnastics. The overall objective is to execute each exercise within a class with precision and accuracy, dog and handler working as a complete team. Competition Obedience requires a strong dog/handler bond and above all, a willingness to learn and the craving for a challenge!

The class involves heelwork, recall, scent work, retrieving and distance control.

Dogs should have a good understanding of heelwork and recall to participate.

CLASS: Fun Heelwork to Music COMING SOON!

LEVEL: Introductory-Novice

VENUE: Holt Village Hall

DAY: Thursday's

TIME: 8.35pm-9.35pm


PRICE: £55 for the course.

Heelwork to music is a fun class consisting of performing a series of tricks, moves and heelwork with your dog to your choice of music! No experience needed! Dogs over the age of 6 months old may participate.

CLASS: Fun Outdoor Agility

LEVEL: Introductory-Novice

VENUE: Hayter's Field (Outdoors-Fully Secure Field) Holt, BH21 7EB


Wednesday at 11.45am-12.45pm

Sunday at 9.15am-10.15am


PRICE: £55 for the course.

Fun Agility is suitable for dogs of any breed providing the dog is in good health including good vision. Puppies under 6 months old may not participate. Dog's over 12 months old are welcome. Dog's between the ages of 6-11 months are considered at the disgression of the trainer following a veterinary health check.

Fun Agility is an excellent activity to grow the bond between dog & handler and to not only burn off excess energy, but to also keep the dog healthy and to focus their brain. Fun Agility is not for those wishing to compete in the sport but is suitable for those wanting an introduction to Agility.

WORKSHOP: Mini Handler's Masterclass: Educating Children On All Things Canine!

All Welcome (1 adult per 3 children required)

VENUE: Slades Park Pavilion BH10 4EP (OUTDOORS)

DAY: Thursday 5th August

TIME: 10.30am-12pm


PRICE: £9 per child/young adult per session (discounts available for children from the same household-please enquire).

Do you want to learn more about dogs?

As a qualified Dog Trainer, I meet many families who all have the same concern-how to teach their children to respect their new family addition in a safe manner. Too many dogs are ending up in shelters due to not settling in with the families for many reasons including not being given their space, children have been allowed to be too heavy handed with the dog or bad behaviours have been allowed to sink in. Many of these scenarios can be defused with simple education. Dogs are animals and can be unpredictable which is why, as parents and guardians, you should be equipped to teach your minors how to react and respond to dogs. But what if you don't know where to start?

This masterclass teaches children and young adults how to safely approach dogs, read their basic body language, simple rules every household should follow to ensure a good balance and harmony in the home plus lots of games and activities to engage learning!

Please be aware that your dog may not attend this event but weather dependent, the Trainer may bring hers! Supervising adults must stay for the duration.

A certificate is presented to each participant upon completion.

Slades Pavillion offer a kids packed lunch which is £4 and includes a mini ham or cheese bap, bottle of water or carton of juice, packet of crisps, mini flapjack and piece of fruit which can be purchased from the cafe.

WORKSHOP: Lucy's Lionhearts: Adapting Training and Enrichment for Disabled & Less Abled Dogs

VENUE: Hayter's Field (Outdoors-Fully Secure Field)

DURATION: 60 Minutes

PRICE: £10 per session.


In September 2020, I took on a new challenge. My 13 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross named Lucy. Lucy was sadly hit by a car when she was three months old in Italy where she was born. She recieved no vet care and was abandoned. As a result, Lucy now needs a wheelchair as she cannot walk. In November 2020, we saw a specialist who explained that 3 vertebrae in the thoracic part of Lucy's spine have fused together blocking off any signal going down to her back legs. As any dog mum would, I argued that she moves her back legs when she goes to the toilet and is creating havoc in her wheels! I was told that this is an involuntary response and the fact is, she has no feeling in them. The blow was made even worse when it was confirmed that if medical help had been given at the time of her accident then the chances are she would be walking now.

I didn't adopt Lucy thinking she'd ever walk again, but I had hope after spending those first 2 months together. After processing the consultants diagnosis, I vowed that I would do everything I could to ensure her life was as 'normal' as it could be. I don't wrap Lucy in cotton wool and in all honesty, she doesn't want me to! She has so much zest for life and lives each day like she's untouchable-it's like she knows shes cheated death once before so what else can happen?! She is one of a kind and I am learning so much from her.

What I have noticed is that no training classes are available for dogs with disabilities. Regardless of if it's physical, mental or blindness to name a few so, Lucy's Lionhearts was born!

With Lucy heading up the campaign, we want to create a safe and fun environment to allow these dogs and their owners to learn and take part in enrichment & happy-go-lucky training exercises that engage your dogs brain. Because, if your dog is anything like my Lucy, they still have so much to give!

WORKSHOP: Senior Sniffs

VENUE: Hayter's Field, Holt BH21 7EB (Outdoors-Fully Secure Field)

DAY: Thursday's (one per month)

PRICE: £8 per session.


Senior Sniffs is a lovely and calm workshop that enables senior dogs (8+ years) to take part in a social setting at their own pace. The field is packed with natural smells and plenty of enrichment filled extras! Why not grab a take away hot drink in the coffee shop and make some new friends whilst your dog does to! 

WORKSHOP: Recall Madness!

VENUE: Hayter's Field , Holt, BH21 7EB (Outdoors-Fully Secure Field)

DAY: Thursday's (one per month)

TIME: 1.45pm-2.30pm

DURATION: 45 Minutes

PRICE: £10 per session.

Recall! One of the most fun and exciting things to teach but yet it's one of the things many people dread! This 'pay as you go' workshop is perfect for anyone from those who are just getting started, to those who need a refresher! Bring your treats and enthusiam!