Basic Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of your dog's health & wellbeing for many reasons. Grooming assists in the following:

Improves circulation

Removes dead hair

Cleans the coat

Helps to observe nail length and condition

Ensures the appearance of the dog is well kept

Cleans the skin

While we don't groom, we can assist with the in-between visits to the parlour by using leave in shampoo, trimming nails, detangling knots and giving your dog a good brush!

We all enjoy a little 'pick me up' every now and then when life gets us down, so who's to say our dogs can't do the same?!

Poochadise offers a range of services and treatments for the pampurred pooch or those just in need of a bath in between their regular grooming appointments. Services are undertaken within your home.

The staff work on a strict 'comfort before vanity' principal.

There is no travel charge for clients within a 5 mile radius of Poochadise's registered home address, after this a 50p per mile charge will apply. Please contact us for a quote.

Please note that the services listed below are the only ones we offer. Haircuts, Ear plucking, Anal Gland Expressing and the removing of severe matting are better left to those qualified to do so!

Muzzles may be used at our discretion.

Leave in shampoo and brush from £10

Brushing from £5

Detangling and removing matts from £5

Fragrance £2

Paw Exfoliation and cream £2.50

Using an ultra-soft bristle brush, dead skin cells are gently exfoliated away whilst invigorating the skin. Cream is then applied to moisturise, protect and heal.

Nose Therapy £1

Does your dog suffer from a chaffed, cracked or dry nose? Has he or she suffered from sunburn? This gentle antiseptic cream is applied to the area to help heal and protect.

Facial £3.50

Excellent treatment for white coated dogs as this treatment helps to reduce the appearance of tear and beard stains. 'Tearless formula'.

Nail Clipping £5

Please note that a surcharge may be added to the total amount payable for appointments booked on Weekends, Bank Hoildays and times outside the office hours of 8am-5.30pm.