Dogs and Crystal Healing

Types of Crystals

Crystals all have different properties to help with certain aspects and issues in our lives. They work the same on our pet's. Most are very easy to source.

Rose Quartz-

Calms nerves, reduces stress, security and peace, pets that have previously been abused, stone of love.


Assists with sleep.


All round healer.


Shy, nervous, helps release emotions e.g. anger, fear and envy.

Clear Quartz-

Master Healer. Will amplify the healing properties of any other Crystal.


Separation anxiety.

Dalmatian Jasper-

Grounds and alienates fears, promotes peaceful sleep, calming.

Smokey Quartz-

Helps to reduce hostilities if more than one pet in the home.

Lithium Quartz-

Heals depression, fear, natural antidepressant. (Don't get wet as it will dissolve!)


Blood disorders, kidney failure


Pregnancy and birthing.

Lapis Lazuli-

Throat, thyroid and vision.


Calming and energising effects, allergies, digestive issues, respiratory or chronic infections.

Black Tourmaline-

Ultimate protector. Good for dogs in human company a lot as dogs are like sponges and absorb our energies.


Clears other Crystals of negative energies (Don't get wet as it will dissolve!)

Salt Lamps-

Place in the room to help combat anxiety.


Whilst using Crystals, please monitor your pet closely. They may refuse to go to their bed if the Crystals are in the bedding or scratch their collar whilst the Crystal is attached, then the energy may well be too strong. It could also mean that the Crystal has been used for too long or too frequently. We recommend using the Crystals daily but for short periods of time. Whilst using Crystals, ALWAYS supervise your pet. NEVER leave them alone with lose Crystals as they may present a choking hazard. The use of Crystals for healing does not replace Veterinary care. Kat can advise you on this path, but the final decision for the healing of your pet falls to you. Poochadise accepts no liability for any incidents which may occur whilst you are using Crystals or if your pet refuses the use of them. We offer these sessions to help educate people on the use of crytals but do not perform any healing on you or your pet for insurance purposes.

Crystal Consultations

Kat offer Consultations to start you on your journey using Crystals. During these Consultations, we will discuss the healing properties of Crystals, how to use them, store them, cleanse them and charge them. Kat will talk you through the process of how we go about seeing what it is your dog needs. Keep in mind that this isn't always something you can see. The cost of the Consultation includes 1 complimentary Crystal. More Crystals are available at a cost of £2 each. The Consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and is done in the comfort of your own home.

Consultation Price £15

Using Crystals as a method of healing is becoming more and more popular amongst people and their pets. Carrying Crystals automatically lifts the wearers frequency. Crystals can be used for a variety of emotions and behaviours such as grief, separation anxiety, calmness, possessiveness and a lack of confidence. As a Crystal enthusiast herself, Kat decided to try using Crystals with her Shi-tzu/Poodle cross, Lola. Lola used to turn tail and run whenever she saw a larger dog coming towards her. She'd never been bullied by one, so Kat was rather baffled and decided to attach a Lithium Quartz Crystal to her collar and it was a God send! Her confidence picked up within a few weeks. Lola does has a slightly nervous deposition so Kat keeps her topped up with Crystal Healing, Reiki and Meditation.