I'm interested in using Poochadise Canine Services, how do I go about this?

Firstly, thank you! Secondly, it's really easy!

Use the Contact page to get in touch. Feel free to email, text or call. You can also find us on Facebook and message via there. Someone will then get in touch with you within 24 hours, unless outside office hours (8am-5.30pm Monday to Friday). to discuss what it is you were looking for and availability. A meet & greet will then be arranged.

What is a meet & greet and why are they necessary?

A meet & greet is an informal meeting at your home where we will meet the dog(s) in question and discuss their needs & requirements in more detail. The meet & greets give you a chance to ask any questions and raise any concerns that you may have. Meet & Greets are very important to do so that we can assess if your dog will fit into the Poochadise family and that their needs can be met. They take approximately 30 minutes and are free of charge. Meet & Greets are needed before all services are carried out. The Charm School (1-2-1 Dog Training) works slightly different with a telephone consultation before any sessions.

Do I have to sign a contract?

You are required to sign a Contract for ALL services for insurance purposes which we keep once signed. Please let us know if you would like a copy and one shall be brought to the 'Meet & Greet'/Consultation.

What if I want to cancel our agreement?

Changes in circumstances and change of plans do happen and we don't take them personally! Please ensure to adhere to the cancellation notice period stated in the contract to avoid a charge.

Is Poochadise on Facebook?

Oh indeed we are! The page gets updated daily with all the canine shenanigans of the day, articles, tips and much more! The page is very interactive and everyone gets involved! Please be sure to like us!

How will I know if my dog is happy with Poochadise?

That's easy, we will tell you! We want all our adopted pups to enjoy their time with the gang (if your dog comes into the group walks). We do not keep any dog in a situation they are uncomfortable with just for the money. We are always very honest with all the clients so if we feel there's an issue or the possibility of one developing then we shall discuss it with you and see if there's a suitable solution/option going forward.

What if I'm not happy with the service I recieve?

If at any point, you have any concerns or issues with the way that Poochadise is operating, then please say. We go above and beyond with our clients and would hate to think that one of them was upset with something we were doing for whatever reason.

Are appointments available on an ad-hoc basis?

There are yes, subject to availibilty.

I'm looking for a service that isn't available on your website, can specific requirements be tailored to my dogs needs?

Depending on what it is that you need, we will do our best to help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Please be aware that we no longer offer overnight house sitting

Does Poochadise offer a Boarding or Doggy Day Care service?

No, we are not licensed for the above.

Do you have proof of your qualifications?

We do indeed! We bring photocopies of all our certificates, qualifications and insurance policies along to the meet & greets if you would like to read through them.